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Management Update 14

Site statistics

Site traffic for the month was up again on October's figure, with nearly 17,000 unique visitors, and 38,000 visits in total. As is normal, almost all of our visitors come directly to the site or via search engines or reference sites, with only 1% coming via other blogs and sites - the most significant of those referrers were (out of the 38,000 visits): 121 came via timblair.net, 82 via nothappyjohn.com (interesting to see how active that site still is), 57 via Mark Sergeant's blog, 32 via Senator Andrew Bartlett's blog, 18 from Crikey, and 16 from the Friends of the ABC NSW.

We published 47 new articles in November, up from 23 in October, and 1075 comments, from 887 in October. We now have just on 500 people registered to comment, of whom around 100 logged on in November.

We didn’t publish 45 abusive, content-free or incomprehensible comments, and 8 under the 5-post rule. Total intended for publication and not published 53/1128=4.7%.


Income in November was $350 in donations and $110 from ads: total $460, versus expenditure of $557.59. As usual, almost all ($544.59) of the expenditure was the subscription to Project Syndicate for the rights to publish their syndicated articles up to a month before they appear on the Project Syndicate site - usually around 14 articles per month. We have negotiated a decrease in this monthly amount for future months, and this will be reflected in a small jump in the "funds date" in the donations block in due course.

Site troubles

We again lost the content management system for a time due to unexpected host action. However, we seem to have fixed the communication problems we had with them sending notices to the wrong address, and they have moved us to another server. Given their very low costs (US$90pa), we haven't been able to find a better hosting combination, so we'll see how the new server travels into the new year.

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one year on

Hi. Well, it's now a year now since I pulled the plug on my life in journalism and thought I'd done the same with Webdiary. Thanks to David, Hamish, Craig, Fiona, Richard, Carl, and others who dug in, and to Webdiarists who read and write for her, she's still alive, true to her ideals and having fun. I've started having a look at her again, and hope to contribute a bit next year.

I tuned out of news this year and tuned into getting my health back and reconnecting with my family and friends. I haven't written anything this year, and when I do it will be from a different angle of vision. The mainstream media bores me now. It's all déjà vu, a rerun of a rerun except that the debate ever narrows, ever contracts, as even recent history is forgotten and context abolished. It's all show on the main stage, as the disconnect between perception and reality gets ever more obvious and ever more grotesque.

I'm now interested in the silence under the noise, the movements and trends in the places the mainstream doesn't go to because it won't, and can't. And in the attempts by people who aren't in the game for status, cash or personal power to find a way to enter the maze of public life that doesn't destroy them and that does create little spaces for authentic human interaction and the power of love.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who gave time and energy to our little community this year. I look forward to rejoining you next year. Please feel free to email mlkingston@gmail.com with your ideas and thoughts for next year's Webdiary.  May we continue to play our part in recording and helping to shape the spirit of the times. As Ghandi said, everything we do is insignificant, but it is very important  that we do it.

To Margo

It can be difficult to walk away from projects that have had years of energy invested in them.  They tend to keep following you around untlil you give them a pat.  Next thing you know you've got a grooming brush in your hand.

























Well done

6 months ago I predicted Webdiary would last longer than Kim Beazley, but it looks like the whole Frontbench is up for grabs.

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