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By Gus Leonisky
Created 06/09/2006 - 10:06

tribute to a passionate being …..


I did not care much for Steve's political views, especially his singing of the praise of our Grocer-in-residence of Kirribilli, but apart from that Irwin was a passionate observer of the interaction between "beasts" and humans without passing a judgement on the "beasts". If we didn't before, he made us accept their existence beyond our own reactivity and fears.


His enthusiasm for toying with danger reminded me of me and my mates, when we played in numerous German bunkers, full of disused ammo... One of them went off and one of my mates got blown up ... not killed but badly maimed for life.  Steve Irwin knew what he was doing and the risks he was taking, we did not.


My sincere sympathy to his family. If the cartoon above is out of order, please accept my apologies as no offence is intended ... just presented as a reminder of the strange and deadly quirkiness of life - in which we advertise with fantasies...


Some of us leave earlier than we should, and unfortunately Steve was one of those...


May he rest in peace.


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