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Your key to our new Webdiary home

The Webdiary Community is moving to its new home next week on the 14th. Until then the new site is off-limits, out of bounds: the paint's still wet. We want to welcome everybody when the front gates open on Wednesday but you'll need your own door key. This post is a heads-up on how to get it. The address will be www.webdiary.com.au.

Anyone will be able read articles and comments at Webdiary's new home. But to take advantage of the improved features on the new software, including to post a comment, you will need to register and login. As always, registration is free and you'll only need to do it once.

What new features? On the new site, you will be able to:

  • tailor how you read the comments - top post newest or TPO;
  • reply to particular posts that have taken to a certain theme thus making smaller threads within the discussion which can be view expanded (all comments) or collapsed (list of the sub-strands only);
  • use the 'printer friendly' version to make a paper copy of an article and discussion (great for those who like to do some big reading in the smallest room...);
  • contact others and choose to have other registered posters contact you via email; and
  • be notified of how many new comments there are in each thread since your last visit.

Neat, huh?

Cutting your key


When you first arrive at the new Webdiary, you'll see some icons at the top right: top left icon image.

You'll also see buttons under each article like this one:
register / login button.

Click on either the login icon or the login / register button and you'll be directed to a panel like this one. Fill in the details and click "create new account".
Registration box image.

Logging in

  • Check your email account for your cumbersome and case-sensitive auto-generated password.
  • Go to the login screen which is much like the register screen and enter your user name and password

Changing password and personal details

Once you have logged in, you can change your password to something easy to remember and set a couple of preferences. Click the "edit" tab  and you'll get this screen.

Edit details image

(To go to this page at any time, click on the "My Account" in the left hand column of the main screen...)

Posting comments

You'll be able to post comments as soon as you are registered and logged in. Click on the post comment button at the bottom of a thread for the comments box. As per Webdiary policy, all comments will be moderated before publication.

Entering and posting comments on the Webdiary site is easier than ever with the features of the comments text box.

Select and highlight any text then click on the corresponding icon from the menu along the top of the box to:

  • make other poster's names bold,
  • italicise book and film names etc,
  • emphasise a point with the underlining feature,
  • make another kind of point with the strikethrough feature,
  • centre some text,
  • add numbers or bullets to your list of points,
  • indent text to indicate a quote,
  • add a hyperlink to a webpage and choose to have it open in another window if you wish,
  • check your spelling,
  • and then to top it off, preview your comment prior to posting.

Three icons not mentioned in the above list are:

  1. at the far right, an arrow pointing up to the right - this will expand the comments box to full page size;
  2. just to the left of the ABC spelling icon, is an icon with some angled brackets and a page corner folded - this will switch between the wysiwyg screen, and the html code of your comment;
  3. then to the left of the html icon is an image icon. This is not yet available for use.

Adios Typepad, hello Drupal! Enjoy!

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re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Hi folks - some VERY cool HTML work in this post, congrats. In Perth, monitoring WD from the netcafe, just had a coffee with a Kiwi journo on holidays (Scoop.co.nz) who took the trouble for an interview while on hols. Sent her to WD to get independent views...

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Are some of the existing threads also going to moved across to the new home or will it be a clean start??

I ask as I've just written a longish response to a post and it would be irritating if the other poster couldn't see/respond to it.

Hamish: all content is being transferred, including comments. Thanks to Nigel Sim for writing the software to do this.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

As long as email addresses are not made public, might I then suggest that webmail addresses not be accepted for registration purposes. Most flamers and their ilk hide behind bogus Hotmail addresses.

Anybody who has an ISP will have, at least, one genuine email address.

Of course, exceptions can be made for those few who only ever access the internet through third party arrangements.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Ar, yey me hearty Richard. Blockquotes galore! It's the 'indent' icon sixth from the right, just to the left of the hyperlink icon.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

With my amazingly accurate spellling I'm looking forward to this! Out of curiousty, have I missed noticing a "blockquote" button. Oi Loiks me blockquotes, I does.

Will the chapter on the launch of the new site be as bizarre as the most recent? OO kan say.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Mark Ross, I am hopeful that after reading the instructions, I too will look like am expert in editing. Is there an association for genuine luddites like myself? I have yet to master internet banking and forget about videos, I struggle with setting up radio stations on my car radio although sometimes I fluke it. I prefer slow cooking, people to talk to me at banking counters, and myriad other slower options which are quickly disappearing.

So for slow people like myself, I thank you Hamish.

Hamish: I should clarify: this 'key' was put together by Kerri.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Look Craig, you don't have to be Einstein to realise that this blog failed because it was unwilling to tackle the big issues and was so biased towards the left of all issues that it did tackle that the mainstream wouldn't touch it. You are forever avoiding examples where leftist ideologies, such as multiculturalism, have failed. Be strong, have a go. Maybe then you'll get some interesting debate that will bring in more voices and, ultimately, a revenue stream that can keep you alive. You don't want to end up like GLW, do you?

David: I'll back what Craig said: we have never turned back a coherent readable article submitted from any side of politics because of its content, and we have never turned down a coherent sensible non-abusive comment from a reader because of its politics. If you want to write a post on these subjects, have a go yourself. Our contributors write articles on what interests them, and where they have views. It isn't a news site, and if no-one submits an article on a news item, then nothing gets published - that doesn't mean we're avoiding the subject - or more accurately, I suppose, it means all Webdiarists of every political persuasion, left, right and centre, don't feel ready to write on that subject right now, since none of them have submitted anything. For that matter, it isn't a blog by any of the accepted definitions.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

A Mills no one is stopping you from starting a thread. Also, TDB has a story on the Cronulla riots. A posting from you there would be more appropriate than in this thread.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Yes Craig, you don't avoid topics!

Source for allegations: bashing of life guards - take a look at the SMH articles over the last week. "52 years comment" channels 7 and 9 reports of the situation from interviews with local residents. Why? Do you not believe (a) that the bashings took place and (b) that that style of comment was made to people on the beach?

Craig R: That's correct Webdiary does not avoid topics. Why ask you to cite sources? So readers can see where your information comes from, simple as that. Not because I personally believe or disbelieve the statements.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Not sure if you're going to have a forum on the race riots in Sydney (as you usually avoid topics where the cultural underdog has started the mess) but if you are could you all please take a look at Tim Blair's blog so you can see for yourself that the majority of Australians on both sides of the spectrum deplore the activities of what I essentially see as two groups: Bogans v Lebonese Bogans.

Craig R: Andrew two points (1) we don't avoid topics (with the exception of bizarre conspiracy theories), and (2) we don't follow Tim Blair's blog as the comments on it tend to be "infantile and oafish".

If anyone, particularly anyone in the Shire area, wants to write a piece and submit it for publication we'd welcome it.

Who do I blame? Firstly, it is pretty unfriendly of our Middle Eastern origin friends to bash life guards and make statements to girls to the effect that they are not worth 52 years in gaol - a reference to the recent conviction of the Pakistani boys for the rape a numerous girls in Sydney.

Craig R: Will you please cite a source for those allegations Andrew.

But the big culprit - our police perceive themselves to be powerless in these situations because if they act against the original aggressors the left screams racism and "bring on more political correctness so these minorities feel they are able to do and say what they like". The message from the bogans of Sydney seems to be that they have had enough and rightly so. It is a pity that those with more intellect could not have forseen such an obvious outcome and reeled in these cultural groups before this happened. Or am I wrong and it's all John Howard's fault?

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Matthew, I haven't checked your link right through but sometimes one or two errors on the CSS or in the page code can produce a multiplicity of compliance "errors" on a page. I am yet to see a commonly used pre-formatted template anyway which is totally W3C compatible.

Open source software endeavours as far as possible to be cross-browser compatible, but each browser you mention has its quirks with anything more complex than straight HTML.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Alex, this forum may answer your cross-device questions.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Nice work Hamish, well done ☺. I do suggest you check that all pages render properly in the more common browsers though. IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape and Galeon. And don't forget the Mac users!

ed Hamish: I wish I had the technical skill of the folk who built the new site, but I can't take any credit. Thankyou anyway Matthew and we'll do our best mate.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Hamish, I'm really looking forward to this new site. Hey, maybe we'll even be able to post pictures?

But seriously, it should work very well. Looks very much like the Word documents I work with on a regular basis...

Just to get to read our posts properly before posting will be great.

BTW, a cheque coming soon. I get paid once a month.

Hamish: thankyou Daphne!

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Please consider making the site have alternate layouts for those of us who read on smaller devices like mobile phones or PDAs.

Looking forward to the new site!

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Further to Carlyle Moulton's comment, I think there is a "not" hidden from view in the section about enabling other people to contact you, too.

Should the sentence after "your personal contact form" read "Note your email address is made public and that privileged users such as site administrators are able to contact you even if you choose not to enable this feature"?

Hamish: nearly. It should read, "Note your email address is not made public and that privileged users such as site administrators are able to contact you even if you choose not to enable this feature." The point is your email address is never made public.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Good idea Trevor. After all, no use coming to Webdiary and being exposed to other points of view is there? What a waste of time that would be!

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

"Your email address will n be made public."

I think that you meant "Your email address will not be made public".

Either that or you have not proof checked using Mozilla and some charaters at the right of the column namely the "ot" have been hidden.

ed Hamish: the latter I think. Sorry.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Oh to be a moderator. The power of the last word must be such a convenient excuse for a bit of pettiness.

ed Hamish: I hope we do better than that Adam. Still curious as to what you meant by your last comment.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Webdiary goes sedition law compliant. How very sad.

ed Hamish: oh?

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Make big plans, for little plans have no magic to stir men's blood and in themselves may never be realised.
-Daniel H. Burnham

WOW ... small key can open a big door - indeed!

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Will there be a switch (or bullet) to exclude selected posters from my desktop?

Craig R Ed.: Don't know the answer to that one yet Trevor. Will look into it and provide an answer later.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Sounds great to me. TPO is the way I'd go, too. I prefer to read down rather than up, and if I want to run anything off it reads better, too.

I'll be logging in on the 9th for sure!

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home

Looks good, should make it easier for non-webby folk (and editors). The proof is in the pudding, when we get to test it.

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home


Ya really want A Downer and the DFAT droogs slicing this mutton? On just one piece of paper or fewer? All the ammunition in the world don't make a cabinet submission... bullet proof. Even Parer went down to bullets and shrapnel.

Take that flow into the square and shoot 'im. Use dum-dums. Shoot straight, ya bastrds.

Bon voyage, brave Margonauts, 2006+++

Jack Arseisstant Secretary Gogol Woodforde

re: Your key to our new Webdiary home


This will make it much easier for the Luddites like me.

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