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John Henry Calvinist's blog

Submitted by John Henry Calvinist on July 10, 2006 - 8:18pm.
Getting Beyond "Politics as Usual"

"The simplest thing any leading opposition figure with both real guts and sense could do is praise the "masses" for their civic spirit - but then, go on to explain exactly how the democratic process itself was designed to aggregate/sift personal experience, remind the audience that the mass media is controlled by the powerful, and is thus not necessarily a trustworthy guide to broader issues, then ask them to vote on personal experience, alone!": John Henry Calvinist

Submitted by John Henry Calvinist on December 16, 2005 - 5:10pm.
Legalism for beginners

"When it comes to genuine power politics - totally shorn of all other considerations - there’s only one real place to turn. And, no...it’s not Machiavelli - or Hobbes - given that neither were willing to advocate the suppression of all other aspects of life in pursuit of power. Nietszche was also remiss in certain ways here, being - in the final analysis - far more interested in the development of potential than in power as a (pure) end in itself." John Henry Calvinist.

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Submitted by John Henry Calvinist on October 31, 2005 - 4:24am.
The apotheosis of John Howard

"With honour at such a low ebb in the actions of political men, all were united in praise for the idols of new wealth, who strove to surpass each other in vulgarity of display and constant business, building empires of paper upon the corpses of genuine endeavour. But, formed for malice rather than mateship, Howard remained shunned by these new gods, and he failed to reap full benefit in an age when mere show counted above the rewards of further greed. For, although deriving nothing from their slavish associations but what was low and degrading, the party of labour yet retained the name of power, although all true rule had passed to those who had grasped at wealth." - Apocrypha of Tacitus (Widely suspected to be the clever forgery of Webdiarist, John Henry Calvinist)

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