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Archive - Jul 27, 2007

Submitted by Margo Kingston on July 27, 2007 - 4:38pm.
DPP Bugg's mea culpa, Andrews stands his ground
I also acknowledge that one of my officers put two errors of fact before the court.  The first related to the SIM card and was based on a misunderstanding of the facts.  The second related to the residence of Dr Haneef in the UK and was based on incorrect material provided by the AFP.  The prosecution is of course under a duty to inform the court promptly of any errors that are made in submissions to the court.  The hearing in which these errors were made was determined in Dr Haneef’s favour and when the errors were recognised it was decided to correct them when the matter was next before the court.
Submitted by Margo Kingston on July 27, 2007 - 11:58am.
Bracks resigns: Family First eulogy!
"STEVE BRACKS must be applauded for putting his family first. His actions make him a role model as a proud and devoted family man." Family First
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