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Archive - Sep 1, 2006

Submitted by Jack Robertson on September 1, 2006 - 7:44am.
The 'War on Terror' - why we lost

"The chickenshit Baby Boomers are scared-waredy of... dying. They're getting older, and they've killed God, and as a generation they've lived greedy, nasty, rich, braying, self-applauding, vacuous, self-serving lives, and they've f***ed up the planet and their kids' futures and their parents' post-WW2 legacy along the way to fund it all, in the greedy short term, and now, Left and Right and all in between, the poor greedy dears are shit-scared-terrified of what God and History and the drowning, choking planet's Third Worlders are f***en going to say to and about them, as they die, and after their deaths." Jack Robertson

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